Herbert Simms – Bull Wall Bathing Shelters

I cycled out to Bull Wall on Saturday evening. The tide was out, birds flocked to the sand to pick at the creatures left behind and the rainclouds produced some fantastic skies. I was there to photograph another of Herbert Simms creations, the bathing shelters.


These structures were built in the 1930s, at a time when a trip to the seaside was a holiday in itself. Many people from around the country would have visited these spots and they would have served their purpose incredibly well. Today they serve the same purpose, but to less people.


At high tide there are always a few brave souls swimming or diving into the cool water. Today with the tide out and the sun setting they were vacant except for a few people including myself sheltering from some rain.







On the cycle home we stopped for a walk along the promenade and I wanted to sit in one of Herbert Simms wind shelters however they were all full. These structures have lasted almost 90 years and are still being used as intended by their architect. Another testament to the great man.






Im going to try and learn more about Herbert Simms, at the moment I am enjoying just photographing his work. Future posts will include more of his history as Dublin Corporation architect. In a day that I heard on the radio that Dublin Councils yearly budget is an incredible €1bn, I thought what he could do in this day with a fraction of that money.




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