Herbert G Simms – Pearse House

Continuing my focus on Herbert G Simms. The more I learn the more impressed I am by this man. His full list of work is below and I will post links to articles and people that now much more than me, but reading through it many of us will know very well his work. Its obvious today the effect the buildings he designed have on our city.


I think my favourite so far is Pearse House(above). It may not be as pretty as Chancery Place but it functions as well on a larger scale. Its built in a u shape, incorporating a large courtyard where now there are astro pitches, playgrounds and lots of clothes lines. The simple design of Simms work is that the balconies on each tier provide a welcome meeting place for neighbours, a place to lounge about or a vantage for residents to view and interact with their community below


I had been wary of photographing the courtyards so far as I’m aware they are private residencies but a man beckoned me in have a look around. I had a brief chat with him about the building. Its fully occupied, it has a fine community with some problems as any other but as he said. “Its certainly not crumbling to pieces”.


Below is a look at some more of the detailing in the exterior










War on the slums? A look at housing in 1930s Dublin (Part 1)






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